This Jabra’s rap song about the Toronto Raptors is a slam-dunk


“Take a seat and enjoy the Masai Ujiri show. I got the black and gold on me like I’m OVO. I put the 6 on my back like I’m Cory Jo,” raps Rajan in his viral video that pays homage to the Toronto Raptors.

When talent fuses with passion, the alchemy becomes amazing.

Want proof? Meet, Rajan Gahunia, 21. His anthem, a musical ode, to the Toronto Raptors has gone viral and created a literal frenzy.

Every hoopster addict out there (yours truly included) will undoubtedly experience a surge of adrenaline when they watch the slick  – Northside Since 1995.

“This song is 100 per cent from the perspective of a fan,” Rajan told Toronto Desi Diaries. “It’s my dream to perform (the jam) at the centre court (at ACC). I want to tell people they should dream big and that dreams do come true…”


Rajan Gahunia, 21, a Toronto Rapper’s video Northside since 1995 is creating more than a buzz. Supplied photo.

Rajan, a fourth-year television and broadcasting student at Senecca College, dropped the single four days ago. The track has since garnered some 25,000 views on YouTube and 80,000 “likes” on Facebook. This, after Raptors’ guard DeMar DeRozan, gave a shout out to the song by re-tweeting the video to his 459K followers.

T.V analyst Leo Rautens, Sportsnet, Metro News, Huff Post, you name it all give their thumbs up to the aspiring rap musician who doesn’t want his music to fit into “a box.”

It has no doubt been an exciting and exhilarating few days for the 21-year-old. He says the plan is to build on the current success.

The genesis of the video came about few weeks ago as Rajan and his dad–both hardcore hoop fans– were watching the game. His dad suggested an anthem may be in order.

“I loved the idea of combining my two passions: music and basketball,” Rajan said. “My brother made the beat which I liked. I didn’t want the song to be too corny. I wanted  lines that people could sing or chant…”

Chant they will as Raptors head to the playoffs.

“It’s not everyday you see a Desi rapper, but my dad believes in me and appreciates the hard work I put into my music,” Rajan said. “It’s my dad’s blessings that has all made this possible. I am thrilled my music is getting all this attention and just as thrilled to see the smile on my dad’s face.”

Growing up Rajan’s dad enrolled him in the Vince Carter Basketball Camp. He says he didn’t have an aptitude, but his love for his hometown team has remained steady and unwavering.

Northside since 1995 took about a week to produce and about three days to edit.

The crowning point of Rajan’s young existence may have been when during a meet-and-greet autograph session, he came face-to-face with his favourite Raptor: DeRozan. He rapped him a sample verse.

The #10 asked him if the music was his, shook hands and told Rajan, “Amazing, man, good luck with that…”

The Raptors have ended their season on a high note with a new franchise record (56-26) and will face the Indiana Pacers. Rajan admits he can’t afford the pricey tickets. Who can? The only way he can watch the game is to cheer his team with his anthem during the half time slot perhaps?

C’mon, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), give this “Jabra (fan)” a chance.



Rajan Gahunia, 21, a Toronto Rapper’s video Northside Since 1995 is creating more than a buzz. Supplied photo.





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