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This blog was carved out of pure compulsion and an odd dilemma.

Compulsion, because I continue to feed this virtual beast with fresh and insightful content with unfailing regularity despite having successfully completed the University of Toronto’s (U of T’s) certificate in Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media. The blog was a pre-requisite.

Dilemma, because much like any online endeavor, Desi Diaries has set me in the pursuit of chasing eyeballs.

But having said all that, this blog, happens to be a labour of pure love. It’s driven by my passion for writing and my pride on being a Canadian of South Asian descent living in one of the most exciting places on earth – Toronto.

Thirty years ago, being a South Asian in Toronto meant living in isolation and celebrating Diwali during the weekend quietly.  Today, every retailer wants to celebrate it with you. The culture has permeated into the mainstream in more ways than I can count. Not a day goes by when I am not made aware of it.

So, who am I? And what makes me an expert?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in science (microbiology) plus a degree as well as two diplomas in journalism and communications. When I am not eking out a living as a reporter for a community newspaper in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), chances are I am tethered to an e-book.

I am a vegan, animal-lover, mom, wife and a spiritual tourist trying to decipher ways to navigate life’s potholes.

Desi Diaries is my attempt at capturing the essence of what makes South Asians in Toronto tick and what ticks us off. It’s an up, close and personal look at some of the interesting elements of the culture, cuisine and customs.

So, hop in the rickshaw.  Let’s explore the alleys of Toronto.

We do not feed trolls. This is a moderated blog created on the twin principles of respect and tolerance. Be smart, be funny, be knowledgeable, but don’t be a jerk. While community participation is essential to the blog’s success, commenters are expected to follow guidelines. Spam, profanity, personal attacks and disrespect against any individual, group or race will not be tolerated. You will be unceremoniously thrown out. Toronto Desi Diaries reserves all rights to reject comments and ban the IP address of a commenter sock puppeting i.e. using multiple aliases under multiple e-mail accounts.

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